Testing a new CMS

2012-01-10 by Paraplegic Racehorse, tagged as news

I switched the CMS I use to maintain the site. No more server-side PHP scripts, here with it's separate log-in requirements, forgotten passwords, databases and all the other fancy-foo drek and needless complexity. BlazeBlogger is a little set of perl scripts that run on my local computer, lets me compose in pretty much any tag language I want and compiles to ordinary HTML pages for you to digest. It makes life a little simpler for me and for the server (not that I put a heavy load on it to begin with).

I need to port the old template and do some other fiddling to make everything, as Apple would put it, "just work." Once all that set-up is done, updates to the site should be easy as pie.

To Do:

Expect fairly rapid changes in the coming days and weeks. After, there will probably be my usual slow trickle of updating. I have a few things I've wanted to accomplish with the site. It's time to get started on it.